Never Give In

Playing music and being an artist can be challenging. We live in a society where being an artist and being creative comes with a price. Creating or developing your craft is important to an artist. I can only speak as a musician and from my own experience but I often run into blocks due to the anxiety created by the lack of financial support or even support from others to affirm my chosen path. My mantra that I always go back to is, "You're doing what you were put on this earth to do. This is your mission! To create joy in the lives of others"

Often times it's easy to get thrown into a negative headset. It is often the case with me and I have to be always on guard against this. I find myself always having to change the tapes that sometimes play in my head. A complaintive attitude never gets you far. It always shows up in my playing but so does the positive and optimistic attitude and headset. That's when the music is at it's best and on fire!!!!

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